Multimedia Technology at Trade Shows

Multimedia is a system that influence people through several channels (video, audio, text) and often provides the opportunity for interactivity, for example, in the process of playing or learning. Intelligent systems are another variety of multimedia. They not only broadcast information, but can also centrally manage it. The use of multimedia technology in marketing aims at effective promotion of products and brands on the whole. Dynamic images always attract visitors’ attention more effectively than static displays.

multimedia technology at a trade showThe sound accompaniment and screens demonstrating video about the products will surely attract attendees’ attention. Visitors show significantly higher interest to such a display, which in return increases the effectiveness of the marketing. The more innovative an exhibitor is in the utilizing of the electronic methods of displaying information, the more interest from the attendees it can expect.

What Can Multimedia Do

Modern technology allows exhibitors to create three-dimensional images on a flat surface with an imitation of their texture and properties. It is even possible to demonstrate the exhibits in action. Trade show industry offers the means and services to originally design and arrange the stand.

Efficiency of Multimedia Technology

Multimedia technology at trade showsThe deploy of modern technology can significantly enhance the prestige of the company and attract more potential consumers. The real show will not leave anyone indifferent, and customers will remember your company for a long time.

The use of laser technology, stereo and video requires certain skills and knowledge. Moreover, such equipment is quite expensive. Nevertheless, today multimedia technology is used more and more at trade shows of literally any industry.

The efficiency of exhibiting in the multimedia format is determined by many factors. First of all, a variety of effects – holograms, 3D images, objects moving in the air – command the attention of visitors. Secondly, the information transmitted due to bright visual images and sound effects remains in the memory of visitors for a long time. Finally, bright and appealing videos cause a desire to stop and examine and look at it more closely.

According to marketers, the use of multimedia technology enhances the effectiveness of exhibition activities by more than 50%! Multimedia displays have a bright future. The high interest of visitors proves this.

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